Friday, August 10, 2007

It's All About "Angaza"

This past week I decided to work on a new project. I wanted to create something I had not tried before. I had not finished anything in the past couple of weeks, and I needed to get the juices flowing.

Of course, this would be a week full of distractions. It started on Monday with second degree grease burns on my left arm. It's okay now, I'm starting to have a good relationship with my blisters as they heal. On Wednesday, when the temperature here in Atlanta hit 100 degrees, my air conditioner went out. I had family coming to town on Thursday to attend a wedding on Saturday, and my home was inhabitable. But the gods were smiling down, and the air conditioner was up and running on Thursday, just a few hours before my family arrived.

Somehow, in the midst of these events, I maintained my resolve to work on something. I found a few moments here and there to focus on my project. While browsing through books recently at the craft store I saw a doll necklace. I believe the book is by Maureen Carlson, a well known and respected polymer clay artist. I didn't buy the book at the time, but I decided to figure out how to make the project just from the picture I remembered. Sometimes, my work flows better without instructions anyway.

So with a little focus here and there I found some peaceful moments to try making a doll necklace. She's not quite finished but I am pleased with this first attempt. The word "angaza" in Swahili means "to be focused on". So my little lady kept me focused. She will be called Angaza.


Ben Can Dance said...

Marcia, that doll necklace is gorgeous! I love it. :)

Riyze said...

Angaza Looks Amazing so far! I really enjoy looking at your works I really like your style.

Block Party Press said...

Sorry for the rough week! I hope your arm is doing better! Your necklace is so beautiful! And I love the name and it's meaning!

Christelle said...

She's perfect Marcia....and you could not have chosen a more fitting name!

Julie said...

She is absolutely lovely! I'm sorry you had to deal with the heat!:( I am absolutely horrible with hot weather!