Saturday, January 14, 2012

Small Steps

You gotta start somewhere, right? First I needed to clear off my work table.  So, I decided to use the leftover bits and pieces of clay in front of me to start.  Maybe I could meet two goals this way.  I could clear the table, and use some materials that I have on hand.  A baby step, but a step.

I kept it simple, so I could work quickly.
I love textured shapes, so this was fun and fast.  These pieces are becoming components for magnets, pins, toggles and pendants.

Here are a few of my heart magnets.  Just in time for my valentine!

Gotta go finish clearing off that work table.  Almost there!
Still resolved, still resolving! 

Saturday, January 7, 2012


The New Year always brings thoughts of new possibilities.  For me this year, it's all in the "doing".   The goals for the year will all be doable and measurable. 

As it relates to my art work, my first goal is to use the materials I have on hand.  For many of us crafty folks there are an abundance of supplies and materials on hand for the projects we hoped to make, plan to make , and sort of made.  I have no particular projects in mind.  Whatever materials I have on hand will be the starting point.   We'll see where it takes us!

My other goal is to complete at least one piece using each of the tutorials I have purchased from some expert polymer clay artists who have shared their skills so generously.  I have collected a few of these (and have plans to purchase more).  I am excited about the learning and inspiration that awaits me as I try my hand at these projects.

So when do I start?  Today will be fine.  It's all in the doing.  I'll keep you posted on my progress.