Saturday, January 14, 2012

Small Steps

You gotta start somewhere, right? First I needed to clear off my work table.  So, I decided to use the leftover bits and pieces of clay in front of me to start.  Maybe I could meet two goals this way.  I could clear the table, and use some materials that I have on hand.  A baby step, but a step.

I kept it simple, so I could work quickly.
I love textured shapes, so this was fun and fast.  These pieces are becoming components for magnets, pins, toggles and pendants.

Here are a few of my heart magnets.  Just in time for my valentine!

Gotta go finish clearing off that work table.  Almost there!
Still resolved, still resolving! 

1 comment:

veronika said...

Wow, these hearth magnets looks so nice! Amazing! My personal favourit ist definitly the green one!