Saturday, June 13, 2009


Okay, it's been a minute since I checked in. So what have I been doing? Celebrating some wonderful family milestones, visiting family out-of-town, and woodshedding. I know you get the first two, but what about this woodshedding thing.

As I understand it, this is a musicians' term that means "going off to hone your skills". It's typically used by jazz musicians when they need time off to work things out. Well, since the celebrating and visiting quieted down, that's what I've been doing, woodshedding.

I'm practicing some new techniques , working out some ideas, just experimenting at a nice slow pace. I am excited to see what will will come of it. Maybe something, maybe nothing. But that's okay. The joy is definitely in the journey.

Right now, my mind it still working on slow, but my hands are getting pretty restless. So I am keeping my hands busy until my mind catches up.

And you can bet, I'll share it here. Until then.


Julz said...

Marcia...please visit my blog to collect a blog award.

Random Thoughts said...

I just love your work. I saw you on Esty and I found your blog. Cannot wait to see more of your work.

treasurefield said...

Can't wait to see what becomes of your "woodshedding". (Love that term, btw; conjures up thoughts of quiet time, carving something from wood with only yourself, your thoughts, your work and a good tool.)
I was poking around your shop just recently, admiring your awesome work (as usual), especially those "wheel" earrings. *covet!*

I'll be back!!