Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Detour Ahead

Here's what happened as I started out on my faux enamel exploration. I found a great article by Ron Lehocky in the February 2009 issue of PolymerCafe. Colorful "Wired Hearts" were created using scrap clay as the base and extruded clay as the "wire". The extruded clay wire is adhered to the base clay to create a surface design. This sounded like a good way to create the sections that would hold the liquid clay for my faux enameled project.

I loved the idea, plus I figured I'll make heart shapes this go round because Valentine's Day is around the corner. But, after completing a couple of surface designs I thought, "Aha! Why not create a mold from a piece that I like and use that to create the surface designs on my hearts, or whatever shape I choose".

So, I have been sidetracked for a minute making molds. Now that I have a few designs I like I can go back to faux enameling, for now. I think I will explore more mold designing next week.

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