Saturday, January 3, 2009

Starting a New Year's Journey

I am blog challenged. There I said it. Now the question is how do the blog challenged begin a new year? Well, if you accept the challenge and add a little resolve, you could find yourself on an interesting journey. The best part being that you don't know exactly where the journey will take you.

The other challenge I'd like to dance with is actually doing something with that long list of projects and techniques I have been so eager to try. The list has gotten so long I feel overwhelmed just thinking about it. It's so easy to slide back into my comfort zone, back to what I think I know.

So where do I begin? Every journey needs a starting point. Or better yet, maybe the point is just to start. As a polymer clay aficionado I have collected more books, tools, supplies, and to-do projects than I care to count. So why not start by picking just one idea or technique and exploring it. I think I like that as a place to begin. I will pick one technique to focus on for this upcoming week. And, of course, I will share it all right here.

How's that for a start?

Happy New Year Magnets by rayfa of Etsy

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