Tuesday, February 17, 2009

And the winner is....

This was a challenge for one, so I guess I couldn't lose. So what did I learn in the transfer challenge? Well, first I needed to begin at the beginning. How did I intend to use these transferred images? Deciding on how I intended use the transfers would help me choose which methods I should focus on. Next, I needed to be mindful of what type of transfers I had to work with. I had toner copies, ink jet copies, water slide transfers, and images copied on different weights of photo paper. I even threw in a couple of images I had cut from a magazine.

Once I had cleared my head and sorted the transfers, I realized I would like to have a variety of transfers available to apply to other projects. So, if they are flexible, and light in color I will have more options when I am ready to use them. I proceeded to transfer images from each type of paper onto white clay, translucent clay, and liquid clay. Most of the images were transferred onto very thin sheets of clay.

The black and white toner copied images were easiest. Burnish, wet with alcohol, then pull off. For the color copies I used the burnish, wet with water, and SLOWLY rub off method. And last, my favorite method was applying several layers of liquid clay to the image, bake between layers, then soak in water and rub off paper. The liquid clay worked well with the magazine images. I love them! They are thin and flexible and should apply easily to a variety of projects.

In the end I would say I was somewhat successful. I finally figured out what method worked best for each type of transfer. I paid close enough attention to remember how I did each type transfer, so I will not be starting all over again next time.
And one other very important thing I learned about transferring images - patience is required.

My transfer successes!

My Bob Marley Inro with a transferred image.


Pips said...

That is a beautiful Inro Marcia! Loved reading about all your different methods - I think I must have another go at transfer images - | have not had much success, but think I must just try again now!

Lynda/SCDiva said...

Marcia, I've been anxiously awaiting the results of your image transfer trials. I think you hit a home run with the Marley inro. It is fabulous!

I'm a huge fan of Ilysa and Kira's Magic Transfer Paper myself. You didn't say you tried it, but I would love to know if you decide to try it.



you've given me the inspiration to try some transfers again....your work is wonderful and your blog is fascinating!

Lisa West said...

Thanks for your tips. I am playing with different techniques right now and found you.