Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Transfer Challenge

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This is a challenge for one - me! I love transferred images on polymer clay, and I have tried my hand at it from time to time. A real "hit and miss" endeavor I must say. I have to decided to concentrate on a few image transfer techniques this week.

So, now I will gather up all of the transfers I have collected over time, on various types of paper, needing various techniques to get the image to the clay. The first challenge will be to remember which technique goes with which transfer. I have water slide transfers, toner transfers, ink jet transfers, photo transfers,... I could go on. Once I get past that hurdle, this should be fun. Hopefully, I will get the hang of it once and for all.

Maybe I will eventually use a transferred image in to create a piece as beautiful as this one by Katherine DuBose Fuerst. Her "dragonfly II" pendant is my inspiration for yet another attempt at this. You can see more of her wonderful work here.

Check back in a few days when I will be sharing my success, or not!


Gufobardo said...

I want to see!!!! ciao from Italy

ingeniouslycreative said...

wow Marcia, what a lovely blog you have!!!!! I will be watching your challenge about transfers, I have never had much success with transfers, or clay for that matter! But, you are a master with the clay! xoxo Carol

Lisa Gatz said...

that is a beautiful transfer! I'll come back to see how your come out.