Sunday, June 6, 2010

Button Up!

I am still working on perfecting my transfer image technique. But what fun if that if you don't use it to create something? Okay, so I went for something simple, buttons! These could make great focal buttons, don't you think?

The images were transferred onto white clay, and liquid clay was applied before baking.

Well, it's back to the work table. What else can I use these transfer images for? Any suggestions?


Studio Sylvia said...

These look fabulous Marcia.

Nadiaher said...

magnifiques boutons, quel talent!

treasurefield said...

Those are exquisite! I think your idea to make buttons was a fantastic one!
I love your cylinder beads, too. You really have "the touch"!

artandtea said...

Hi Marcia,

I just discovered your blog and your work is just fabulous and so inspirational!

Perhaps the transfers would look great on the lid of a box as well?

Take care,
-Karen (Art and Tea)

Marcia P. said...

Thank you for the gracious comments! I've got more buttons and beads on the work table, time to get them finished!

I do like the box idea Karen. Mmmm....